2012. At the start of the year, my friend Beth and I dubbed it ‘The Year of Good Music and Good Choices.’ We even hashtagged it on twitter to make it official. And I suppose, without being corny about it, it was just that. The year I started taking my Christian faith seriously. The year I saw Springsteen for the third time. The year I got on a plane and went abroad for the first time. The year I started drinking responsibly, and the year I fell in love with a band who wear kilts and play bagpipes to trance music (Peatbog Faeries, you have my heart). I even joined the gym.

It could have been better. I could have found a new job, and started saving, eaten more healthily and gone to the gym more than four times, but that’s what 2013 is for isn’t it? The Year of Even Better Choices and Even Better Music. I’ve already got tickets for Springsteen, Kings of Leon and Glastonbury, and today I bought some weird mini corn on the cob things and some fruit, so I’m off to a good start. There doesn’t seem much point in lamenting over all the things I didn’t do. I made a start on it all and that’s the main thing. I feel like I know myself a bit better now, and that’s a good start to figuring out where you want your life to be headed I think. And there isn’t that much more I can say about it, before I start sounding like an emotional, life affirming voiceover on Grey’s Anatomy, so I will leave it there, and hope that this serves as a decent enough first post for a brand new blog….



2 thoughts on “2012.

  1. this seems to be the year of good music- new albums from Nick Cave, My Bloody Valentine, Foals already. Arcade Fire have a new one coming out later this year as well.

    • We have the same music taste, because I was looking forward to all of these. Nick Cave in particular. Haven’t heard it yet, but he’s been on excellent form the last few years, so here’s hoping!

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